About DMMC

Diamond Machinery Mfg. Co (DMMC) is situated in Rakhial, which is a large industrial area located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA). DMMC’s manufacturing unit is spread across more than six hundred sq. meters of area, allowing the firm to easily and ideally carry out the manufacturing of the jobs-at-hand. The firm has a very strong technical base in the form of the founding partner, Shri Kamalbhai G. Patel, who holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the coveted LD Engineering College of Ahmedabad. With his varied and rich experience spanning over 37 years of cutting edge practice, he has more value to offer to our clients than any other! DMMC is ably spearheaded by the other partner, Mr. Devansh K. Patel, who is a D.M.E. having 5 years of experience. With the infusion of the new techniques and increasing use of technology in DMMC by Mr. Devansh K. Patel, the added benefits of technical as well as technological improvements are passed on to the clients by DMMC. With an optimum mix of skilled and unskilled labours, DMMC efficiently operates with the requisite team to always meet the clients’ demands. DMMC had successfully managed to achieve an annual turnover of around INR12 million which continue to show the increasing trend in its revenue streams.



  1. 15 Ton Cap. HOT Crane.
  2. 16 mm Th., 2000 mm width Motorized Bending Machine.
  3. 400 Amp. Ador make Rectifier.
  4. 400 Amp. Accurate Make welding transformers.
  5. 400 Amp. Techno Crates make Invertor.---2 Nos.
  6. 200 M. Ton Hydraulic Press.
  7. Arti make Argon Arc unit.
  8. Cutogen - 5 Gas cutting set. ---2 sets.
  9. I.O.L. make Pug Cutting Machine. --- 2 Nos.
  10. 1.5" Cap. Radial Drill.
  11. 1" Cap. Magnets drill.
  12. Large range of portable tools.
  13. Measuring instruments Ranging from 0 to 300 mm.


  1. Electrotherm (India) Limited.
  2. Hindustan Gum & Chemical Limited.
  3. Everest Fabricators Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Fine Print Engg. Works.
  5. Vadilal Chemical Ltd.
  6. Sandvik- Choksi Ltd. Chhatral.
  7. Vadilal Industries Ltd. Ahmedabad.
  8. AIA Enginerring Co. LTD., Ahmedabad.
  9. Mamta Brampton Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Nabros Transport PVT. LTD., Ahmedabad.
  11. Embee Industries. Ahmedabad.
  12. Palak Fabricators. Ahmedabad.
  13. Hindustan Door Oliver Ltd. Ahmedabad.
  14. Gujarat Electric Board. Dhuvaran.
  15. PBI India LTD., Jammu.
  16. Infrastructure LTD., Bhilwara.
  17. IRM Offshore And Marine Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  18. Special Finish Unlimited., Mumbai.
  19. D.I.C. India Ltd., Vatva
  20. SACMI Engineering (India) Pvt. Ltd. (NEGRIBOSSI), Changodar.
  21. Ingersoll Rand, Naroda
  22. Diamond Industries Ltd. (Mombasa, Kenya)
  23. Matrix Engineers, Odhav
  24. The Venus Engineering Company, Ahmedabad.
  25. Maize Products. Kathwada, Ahmedabad


  1. Reaction vessels, pressure vessels and chemical plants in M.S. and S.S. construction.
  2. Distillation plant for Anal Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Heat exchangers for textile and chemical plants.
  4. Diesel, F.O. and water storage tanks up to 50 m3.
  5. Road tankers.
  6. 6' X 5.5' X 45' long acid pickling tank (S.S.-316).
  7. Liquor ammonia process vessels.
  8. Air/ Steam purging vessel in M.S. and S.S.
  9. ID fan and housing.
  10. Air receivers.
  11. Ball mills.
  12. 80' high structure for 3,00,000 ltr. Overhead tank.
  13. Base frames for air compressor and plastic machine.
  14. All type of structural fabrication.
  15. IS 2062 coded Chimney.
  16. Carding machine for synthetic yarn.
  17. S.S. 316 cooking kettle / S.S. tanks.
  18. Distillation plant for petroleum products.
  19. Winding drums for warping machine.
  20. Copper Melting Rotary Furnace. (Monometer, England)
  21. Ballas Body for Nabros.
  22. Caustic Recovery Plant for Textile Industry.
  23. We have carried out job as per code ASME Sec. VIII Div. I & IS 2825.
  24. 10 Ton M.S. Varnish Kettle for D.I.C. India Ltd.,
  25. Tank Oil, Base Plate for Ingersoll Rand.
  26. Crystallizer Vessel (Extraction of Vegetable Fats/Oils (Palm Oil)). (Mombasa, Kenya)
  27. 2Ton Capacity M.S. Kier with Pre-heater & Degumming Vessel for textile Industry.
  28. MSRL Cation Column for dextrose.


ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System